Thursday, February 10, 2011


It seems like 2011 is on a roll and moving faster than ever! My best friend is getting married, my brother moved to another state, my parents are about to go on another cruise, my sister is moving, my daughter had her first kiss, and my other daughters are playing softball, Todd is with a new company that bought the old company, mid-terms are almost here, then spring break, then NY vacation, then summer, new school year, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and it will be 2012 before I know it. Man…I’m tired and it’s only February! So how can I slow down? I guess if I have a chance to breathe, I will take it!

Energy, Determination, Motive, Confidence; these are my four key words for the year (one word for each quarter). This quarter is Energy, if you read above, you will see why!

I probably have too much energy for most people, but for my everyday life I need it. But even though Energy is my key word this quarter, I want to put more Energy into slowing down rather than speeding up. I heard on the radio that most mothers yell at their kids for the same things; clothes & cleanliness, attitude & disrespect. But they said that next time you find your kids shoes on the floor and their room trashed, just be thankful. Use the Energy that you would use to yell at them and instead use it to realize how lucky we are to be parents. Slow down your thoughts. Use that Energy and tell yourself ‘you have kids that have Energy and physical capabilities to run and have fun with their friends’. So the 5 minutes of huffing and puffing at your kids, really should just be quiet, calm and collected. At least try! If you can do this once a week while picking up your house, think of what could come out of it.

It is not about having Energy, it is about the way you use it. Shine on!!

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Stacey G said...

LOVE reading your blogs. You are an amazing mama and how you keep up with it all...I will never know! Love you friend!