Monday, January 10, 2011

You're in a cage and I’m in a box…..I broke through so can you!

How often do you look at someone’s posting of a good quote and get inspired? For me, it has to be more than a quote; I want the story behind it. So I began wondering if anyone had ever researched any of the stories behind these great quotes. Well I haven’t either! But the quote above is mine and I can tell you the story behind it!

Everyone always tells me that one day I will be great, or one day I will learn how to use my potential. What does that mean and how the heck do they know? I am in charge of my own life and a rebellious person like me is not going to let anyone tell me what I will become. Even if it’s positive, I won’t believe them until I have made it happen. They are the one’s defining my box but I am the one living in it! The only way to get outside of the box that society has given me is to break through it daily!

Just think of your 401K. (If you don’t have one, GET ONE!) How often do you look at your investments? Do you just put money into accounts and just leave it alone, or do you look at it to see if you actually have a positive rate of return? Most of us will trust someone to tell us where to put our money to make the highest rate of return. Why? It’s your money, why would you let someone else tell you where to put it. Do it yourself and research what is best for you!

Same thing applies in your everyday busy and crazy life! Invest in what is best for you! Whether it is education, entrepreneurship, new sphere of influence, change in habits, cosmetic surgery, etc…you get the idea! Find something that inspires you and research it. You may find that once you start taking more control in your own life, happiness is sure to follow and your quality of life starts to have a higher personal rate of return!

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Anonymous said...

If your company doesn't offer a 401K retirement plan, you can open up an IRA. (individual retirement account)It is good advice to do so.

Also remember this quote.... "That which you do, speaks so loud that nobody hears a word you say." When you decide to break out remember other people are watching. Follow through!