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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Interpersonal thoughts....

My emotions often get the best of me as they do for a lot of people. My needs always seem to take a back seat but when I want something, I seem to get it. I don't ask for it, I do it for myself.

My inner core is something I find reaching for and striving to unleash it as a part of my daily routine. I am a Christian, I attend church regularly, I volunteer my time, I tithe, etc. All of these things give me a better quality of life and they allow me to see beyond what I think I am capable of. But then, real life and real problems happen and I find myself back in the black hole crawling myself out.

The analogy I use for everything: life, sex, faith, parenting (teaching my kids about sex vs love) is a puzzle.

Imagine a million pieces. You get off to a good start and you find matching pieces. But then you find that you desperately want a certain puzzle piece to match what you already have completed; but it doesn't. And you know it doesn't fit but for whatever reason, you try so hard to make it fit. You force it; not anyone else, but you.

If you would have just moved on to find the next piece instead of forcing one that didn't fit, you would feel and be so much better off to begin with.

People have different perspectives, but I can say from experience this analogy works. It works because we often place blame on someone else instead of looking at ourselves. It is a natural way of thinking. But at some point in our lives we will look back and realize how many things we could have changed, if we just stopped and found the right piece instead of wasting so much time and effort on the wrong one.

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